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HY1080 painting barge B

Brand: Hua Yi Chuan Bo

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HY1080 painting barge B
Technical Parameters
Captain: 10.80M Crew: 12-30 people
Type width: 3.10M type depth: 0.95M
Navigation area: Inland River C
Power: outboard / inboard / battery powered
The painted barge adopts Chinese classical architectural style and is designed with dragon pillars;
The characteristic painting of the cruise ship is characterized by the formation of the flying horns and the exquisite four-cornered pavilion.
The boat is spacious and comfortable, and the layout is reasonable. The layout of the space can be arranged according to customer needs.
The painting barge is suitable for scenic spots, sightseeing and reception.

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contact us

Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0519-82612666
Sales Department 1: 13861056128 (Manager Zheng)
Sales Department 2: 13912342368 (Manager Huang)

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