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good news! The company passed the first-c

On May 7, 208, the company successfully passed the provincial leadership and expe

The sightseeing boat has successfully tes

Recently, Huayi Ships sightseeing boat Jing Niang 05 and Jing Niang 06 passed the

The sales of law enforcement boats have a

As Chinas emphasis on water law enforcement continues to deepen, water law enforc

Our company visited the boat and the afte

At 2 oclock on the afternoon of August 30, our companys yacht Love Home Taiji Bay

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Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd.
Sales Department 1: 0519-82612666 / 13861056128 (Manager Zheng)
Sales Department 2: 0519-83631373 / 13912342368 (Manager Huang)
After-sales service department: 0519-83632380
Fax: 0519-83631373
Address: No.1, Fenghuang Road, Industrial Park, Xueyu Town, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

        Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, a production base of FRP yachts. It is a new enterprise specializing in the manufacture of FRP ships, which was established on the basis of Changzhou Wujin Tianma Boat Factory established in 1997. It belongs to Changzhou FRP Shipbuilding Industry. One of the old companies.
        Our company is a FRP manufacturing enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, production, sales and after-sales service of FRP luxury yachts, official law enforcement boats, painting rafts, leisure pleasure boats, pontoon terminals and other related products. The company's products are novel in design, stable in performance, high in quality and exquisite in workmanship. We take "high standard, high quality, high service" as our business philosophy, and provide professional services to our customers with professional FRP shipbuilding technology.
        The company has obtained the “Qualification Certificate for Production Technical Conditions of Ship Repairing Plant” issued by Jiangsu Provincial Ship Inspection Bureau; and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification; it has obtained the “Quality Winning Enterprise” and “Quality Trustworthy Enterprise” issued by the ship inspection and maritime department. And other honors.
        The company has always been adhering to the development principle of “promoting productivity with science and technology, promoting market development with high quality, winning market with integrity”, striving to introduce talents, improve management level, improve product quality, and make the company develop rapidly. Through years of accumulation and hard work, the company has nearly 200 varieties of various types of cruise ships and yachts. It insists on customer-centered and technical strength as the strong backing, and continuously develops and designs many types of ships to meet the needs of customers and diversified markets. In the next few years, in order to adapt to the market development, our company will increase the design and development of aluminum alloy boats, steel boats and glass-steel combined boats.
        In order to meet the needs of the expanding market, our company has selected a new production base in the Xueyu Industrial Park in Jintan, Changzhou in 2014. The first phase of the new plant construction has been basically completed, with a total area. 120000 square meters, construction area of ​​40,000 square meters, officially put into production operation at the end of 2016, aiming to build the country's leading FRP boat manufacturing enterprise and build a national first-class fiberglass yacht!

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contact us

Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0519-82612666
Sales Department 1: 13861056128 (Manager Zheng)
Sales Department 2: 13912342368 (Manager Huang)

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