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Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, a production base of FRP yachts. It is a new enterprise specializing in the manufacture of FRP ships, which was established on the basis of Changzhou Wujin Tianma Boat Factory established in 1997. It belongs to Changzhou FRP Shipbuilding Industry. One of the old companies. Our company is a FRP manufacturing enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, production, sales and after-sales s
Various cruise ships can be customized according to user requirements
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enjoy the high ouality life

Novel design and
stable performance
rich experience
Excellent staff team, the company has accumulated good reputation and reputation as a veteran enterprise for many years. The average working age of the first-line production employees has reached more than 8 years, and has accumulated rich experience and skilled skills, which guarantees the quality of the products.
Promote the market
with high quality
quality assurance
Simple and efficient management mode, strong execution, greatly saves management costs, and maximizes benefits to consumers.
talents improve
product quality
Sophisticated team
A strong design team, the chief designer of our company is a research-level engineer who enjoys the technical subsidy of the State Council, and has over ten senior and intermediate engineers.
Technology promotes productivity
Win the market with integrity
First-class after-sales service and guarantee, our company solemnly promises that the FRP hull produced by the company will receive a full refund of strict quality problems within 6 months from the date of delivery, and will implement free maintenance service within one year and lifetime warranty.

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Jiangsu Huayi Chuan Bo Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0519-82612666
Sales Department 1: 13861056128 (Manager Zheng)
Sales Department 2: 13912342368 (Manager Huang)

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